International Human Microbiome Congress, organized by MetaHIT

19-21 March, 2012 - Palais Brongniart, Paris

Human Microbiome research has become one of the most exciting fields in biology, generating fascinating insights into the relations of microbes and man and the effects of our microbes on our health and well-being. World leading scientists discussed the new findings, their impacts and the future trends at the International Human Microbiome Congress, organized by the European consortium MetaHIT in Paris, March 19-21, 2012 at the Palais Brongniart.

The MetaHIT collaborators were very happy to welcome the participants in ther superb Palais Brongniart to the International Human Microbiome Congress, which we think will remain a landmark event in the field of human microbiome research. Here are a few Take Homme Messages we feel are among the most important elements to remember after the Congress:

  1. Microbiome diversity matters! In the gut, low is less healthy than high!
  2. Large scale quantitative metagenomic studies is what it takes to explore relations between the microbiome and chronic diseases!
  3. Standardized protocols are the key to make the most out of large studies and that's what the Internationals Human Microbiome Standards project does!

Many elements about the International Human Microbiome Congress can be found on MetaHIT's dashboard dedicated to microbiome news. There you'll find live coverage of the event, as well as other material. We especially want to acknowledge and thank for their great contributions Ruchira Datta and Thomas Sharpton together with all online contributors for making the Congress' content available online.

A series of interviews can already be found on MetaHIT's youtube channel and is reproduced just below. Videos of the concluding panel discussion are also available on our channel.

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